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ooking at trends over the years, it’s easy to notice that today, more than ever, styles change so rapidly. Back in the day, everyone could pretty much say they were Traditional or Contemporary…or of course, Country.


Who knew that Modern and Contemporary have completely different meanings?

Today, when someone says they want rustic, my first question is, “What kind of rustic? Italian, French, Farmhouse or Country?” When Mid Century Modern was simply the contemporary of its time, it wasn’t called such until we re-invented it. Then there’s Minimalist, Scandinavian, Transitional, Bohemian, Hollywood Glam…or is it Hollywood Regency, no, that’s different. Urban Modern, Modern Farmhouse and the list goes on.


The thing that I love about these styles is that even within them, there is still so much room for interpretation. It’s really about bringing out who you are and making your home a reflection of you. The best compliment you could receive about your home is, “This looks and feels just like you!” This is where our kids get their nostalgic memories. This is why our friends feel special and welcome when they visit.


Painted Kitchen


With all of today’s great trends and our tastes maturing as we ourselves mature, we are inclined to change our interiors more often; something to consider when remodeling your home or building new. When choosing permanent fixtures in your home, consider staying neutral.


Think of it as a background for all the fun things you will want to do. A blank canvas… deep down, you know the looks you will love forever, as opposed to those that pull on your heart strings today only to be pushed aside by a new love tomorrow.


When making design decisions, it may help to categorize the topics into years of the life of your home.

  • The 5-year category is the least expensive and could include wall color, window treatment, furniture and décor. Have fun in this area. You will be more likely to bring out the real you, if you commit to keeping your trendy design decisions here where your dollar isn’t at risk.
  • A 10 to 15-year refresh may include everything in the 5-year, plus some appliances, carpeting, lighting and some hardware. Though they won’t break the bank, the cost may give pause for wise choices.
  • A 25-year remodel is an investment and may include space altering; adding on to your home or altering your interior space to accommodate current lifestyle changes. These updates typically involve the most costly areas of your home: exterior walls, kitchens, baths, appliance packages and interior doors and trim. (Since we are talking design, we will leave out other important things like the HVAC, roof, windows, etc.). These higher ticket items will be there long after you have changed your design style a few times over.


Bar and Library

Your blank canvas is your cabinetry, countertops, wood and tile floors, doors and trim. Most often, these items are the first ones we select in the process, so it’s hard to stay neutral. These are exciting times and we are ready to make big changes that incorporate the latest style trend

that has grabbed our attention. When it comes down to the blank canvas, base your decision on what you have always loved and know you will love forever. If you love the look of wood, no matter what anybody says, choose stained cabinetry and interior doors. You won’t regret it. If the painted white cabinets have always caught your eye, maybe it’s nostalgia and every time you pause on a Pinterest photo, the common denominator is white cabinets, go for it. If the entire cohesive space is more important and you would like to balance stain and paint, that is great too. These are all things that contribute to the neutral space.


double kitchens


If you can picture your neutral space in different themes and colors, you have a great blank canvas on which you can paint a reflection of you.

To receive more inspiration for your home remodel, visit our gallery HERE.


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