Add value to your home with Granite countertops. This popular surface is durable and easy to clean. Granite is a natural material, so each slab has a unique look to complement your one-of-a-kind cabinetry.  Granite is very durable and easy to clean, but can crack if hit with a hard, sharp object.


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Classic Marble countertops add beauty and elegance to your design. Marble is a natural material featuring a veiny appearance available in many different hues and colors. It has been used for centuries, never going out of style. It is extremely durable and heat resistant. It does have potential for staining, so be careful with red wine and juices.


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Quartz is a manufactured countertop option. Because it is non-porous, Quartz resists staining and will not foster bacteria, making it a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. Quartz has a rich, luxurious finish, and is available in a wide range of colors. It is very durable, but is not as heat resistant as Granite or Marble, so use caution with hot pots and pans.


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Solid Surface

Solid Surface is a very budget-friendly, manufactured material. It is a plastic resin that can be produced in just about any color, and a variety of textures and finishes. Because it is not a natural material, it is available in long sheets for a countertop without any seems or joints. It is not as durable as granite or marble, but is a great option when you factor in the cost. Solid Surface is easy to clean, and can even be used outdoors.


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Laminate countertops are affordable and stylish. This manufactured material is available in a multitude of colors and finishes so you can accomplish almost any look you desire. Laminate countertops are non-porous, stain resistant, and easy to clean.


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Wood countertops add warmth and character to your custom cabinet design.  While wood countertops are naturally softer than stone or quartz, a few nicks and scratches are bound to occur. Many people enjoy the additional character, or this renewable surface can be sanded and re-oiled if damaged.



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