Custom Wood Products - Since 1981
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Three distinct elements define Custom Wood Products
The people – The cabinetry – The service.

The People:

At Custom Wood Products our people really do make the difference. It all began with founder, Don Lake, whose desire was simply to give good people a good job. That desire brought together many good and hardworking people – all who believe doing one’s best and keeping one’s word is what it’s all about.

Current owner, Kevin Gray, continues that tradition. Custom Wood Products now employs nearly 150 talented and hardworking men and women. We are also partnered with many independently owned kitchen and bath centers whose people believe just as we do.

The Cabinetry:

There are tens of thousands who make cabinets around the world – so, why select Custom Wood Products in St. Marys, Kansas? The short answer is this – we will be building your cabinetry.

We don’t just build cabinets hoping someone will come along to buy them. We wait – until you are sure that every detail has been worked out – before we build your cabinetry. Then, when you are ready, we build your cabinetry using only the best materials available, and we do so with a real passion for making your dreams come true.

The Service:

With equal passion, we want very much to make your whole experience a pleasing one. We start by working with you to find out what your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes are – helping you to define your dream – then we work hard to make sure every detail is just right. Then, we build your cabinetry paying attention to every detail. When completed, we deliver your cabinetry to your home, carefully wrapped in heavy blankets, using our own well-maintained trucks and trusted people.

Once delivered, if anything should go wrong, regardless of who causes it, we are there to help resolve it – and to resolve it fast. For as long as you own Custom Wood Products cabinetry, you can find comfort in knowing that we will still be there – waiting for you – with a lifetime warranty.

Thank you for considering Custom Wood Products!

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